midterms and midnight breakfasts

  Midterm exams are upon us. My workload is exponentially less than most people I know, but the aura of stress permeates the very air I breathe. I am left studying for my French midterm and faced with the overwhelming task of selecting classes for next semester. I recently reviewed a list of possible majors – what should I do with my life? No major suits my life goals; then again, what are my life goals? All I know is a) if I don’t help people, what is the point? b) I refuse to work for large corporations or governments, c) I need to produce something creative to feel that I exist, d) it needs to be international. What to do?

  Also, language dilemma. The choice to take both French and Italian at entry-level was a poor one. If I am to maintain sanity, I can only take one of these languages next semester. I like French better than Italian, and it is more widely spoken, and therefore more useful. However, that makes Italian more of a rarity, and therefore, possibly a more valuable skill. Plus, I live in an Italian-speaking city. Which to take? Linguistically, I am both conflicted and confused. 

  Despite all scholastic chaos, I had a wonderful weekend. Photos and a corresponding story should be posted shortly. If I can manage to stay awake for another hour (preferably being more productive than I am right now), a free midnight breakfast is taking place tonight. Any opportunity for free food is a welcome one.


3 thoughts on “midterms and midnight breakfasts

  1. trur æ skulle tatt italiensk…muligheten til å lære d e best sia du bor jo i en by som bruker den!

    lykke til me alt!! :)

  2. tusen takk :)

    nu har ae kanskje faatt mae en jobb aa laere ei italiensk jente aa staa paa ski… isaafall maa ae vel ta italiensk videre da :P

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