Ahoy dear readers! It would seem that my blog has undergone a metamorphosis, from Where is Acacia to Where Was Acacia, A Few Weeks Ago. Reassuming the everyday life of a student has been far from linguistically inspiring, and being required to type a detailed journal of my travels anyway, I decided to share it with you piece by piece instead of, say, enlightening you about the tragedies of my Game Theory class or describing the way in which our dirty dishes have compiled to reach alarming heights. The life of a student leaves little time for extracurricular creativity these days. However, a new adventure begins tomorrow morning. Kyle and I, along with a large number of students from our school, are going to Andermatt for opening day of the ski season!
I have spent the day a sleep-deprived, stressed, nervous wreck. Today presented an unfortunate combination of deadlines, which, when occurring on the same day, bore utter mental catastrophe. Until recently, I had been functioning solely on a jittery mix of caffeine and sugar. After much anticipation, the tranquility of Friday night has finally set in. Though littered with an explosion of schoolwork and general chaos, our apartment is quiet and peaceful. Kayla has not stirred since I arrived home some hours ago, slumbering unstoppably in the direction of rejuvenation. Quinn and I chatter about anything not related to schoolwork, doing whatever possible to free our minds from the weight of research papers and upcoming exams. Life is good.


3 thoughts on “Resurface!

  1. Hi Acacia, I don’t get a lot of time to read your blog, but when I do it is such a pleasure, makes me smile and imagine far away places. I look forward to someday reading your first fictional novel, because I cannot imagine that you will not write one. I will be at your house very soon (the 19th) for a 10 day holiday vacation in Anchorage. Can’t wait to meet Gus:-)

  2. I can’t wait to meet Gus either! I also can’t wait to write my first fictional novel. I’m already composing bits and pieces in my head.
    I also can’t wait to go skiing/skating on the lake with mya and the ice, that sounds fantastic!

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