On the horrors of Mac-to-PC transition

A couple things have happened recently which has made updating my blog increasingly difficult. Behold, the saga of Acacia’s Technological Meltdown.
First, my beloved computer, which I’ve had for over two and a half years, with over 22,000 photographs on its hard disk – died a sudden death in the form of a shattered screen. Yes, I will be able to eventually recover my files, but until Christmas break, I am still a full-time college student without a working laptop. By “working” I do not suggest that I have no computer at all, however: the immense generosity of Adrienne Blaine has bestowed me with a brand new Dell somethingrather, a gigantic beast of a machine functioning in the nostalgic ways of Windows XP. Not only does it weigh what feels like 20 pounds, it refuses to connect to the internet – anywhere- and freezes up in fits of hysteria if I so much as attempt to compose a word document. Oh, Windows. How you nauseate me in your startling incompetence.
This said, I find myself entirely dependent upon the computers in the school computer lab (also ancient Windows machines that can’t accomplish anything with an ounce of efficiency), which is a 20-minute uphill walk from my apartment. The school, for that matter, holds the computer lab open at irregular and inconvenient hours, and when it is open, fails to use any form of ventilation. The school computer lab is therefore reduced to a stuffy, windowless box reeking of sweat and overheated, outdated technology. How I am expected to produce anything worth reading in that environment, I’ll never know.
I am lost at what course of action to take. Should I revive my weary MacBook with an expensive repair, and thus reunite with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and iStopMotion, even though the lifespan of my computer is potentially rather short thereafter, or should I part with my beloved software in favor of a new laptop that will probably last a lot longer? I’m torn. I feel slightly incomplete without my entire iPhoto library a click away.


One thought on “On the horrors of Mac-to-PC transition

  1. Sooooo sorry about your beloved mac. I have a 4 1/2 year old Dell laptop that won’t die…and I so want a Mac!!!! I hope Santa hears your woes and realizes what a good girl you have been!!! =o)

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