Our first move!

Oh my goodness. Something glorious has happened.  First, a bit of background information.

   College campus is situated on top of a gigantic hill, at the bottom of which I currently reside with my two wonderful roommates. We have the most spacious room the college provides, but one that has a variety of flaws difficult to cope with at times. The most prominent of these is the simple fact that our apartment is so far from campus, we spend so much unnecessary time trudging the steep distance up and down the hill to get, really, anything done. (Oh, and we don’t have an oven, a bathtub, or enough storage space; our internet rarely works, our floor is partially decomposing, our walls are textured so nothing will stick to them, our refrigerator is the size of a modest kitchen sink, and nobody ever wants to visit us because we live so far away.) So far this year, we have spent the majority of our time at a particular residence by the name of P7 (much simpler than our current apartment: Girasole one-point-two B), in which three young men initially lived. Complete with all the things our apartment lacked, including a couch, fully equipped kitchen, huge refrigerator, heated tile floors, a bathtub, seven chairs, a veranda and a private lawn (not to mention excellent internet all the time), this apartment was vital to our existence. Without P7 at which to store our books, to study between classes, to sleep when tired, to keep our extra food, to bake pies, to shower at after working out… what would we do? Making the trip home would take at least an extra hour of our time. P7 is the only reason I survived this semester. Plus, it’s in the middle of the campus social scene. People are always around, something’s always going on. The neighbors are wonderful chefs.

  Last week, it dawned on us that all three of p7’s current residents are moving out. The thought of an academic daily life without this apartment as a second home struck us as virtually impossible. Where would we go? What would we do? How would we survive? Yesterday, Quinn and I desperately sought the assistance of the school residence coordinator. Fifteen minutes later, we had been officially registered as the new residents of p7. Thus commenced our first move!

   This is the part where three young women learn how difficult it is to move all of their belongings out of a spacious apartment and into someone else’s temporarily, in a span of 4 days, during finals week, while skiing in the Alps and packing for a month’s winter break. Our apartment is in a wretched state of under construction. For now, though, I will dedicate this post to the grandeur of the apartment we will soon be leaving behind: our home for the past 4 months.

This is where we’re moving.

Naturally, we’re overflowing with excitement.

  The date of my next posting remains unclear. Amidst the chaos of moving, of my Game Theory final (hah), of skiing at Andermatt tomorrow and being computer-free by Saturday morning, I may not be able to update for a while. I’ll be here, I’ll be there, I’ll be in Seville, Spain and in good old Alaska. Until then!


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