Belgrade, Serbia: Hotel Moskva

We arrived in Belgrade in the middle of the most severe storm former Yugoslavia has seen in 30 years.  Stepping off the bus and onto the stern, colorless streets of the city center, we were almost blown over by the sheer force of blizzard winds, flying ice shards, and slushy snow.  Towering grey buildings displayed signs in Cyrillic characters, some apartment complexes still in pieces after the NATO bombing.  At that moment in time, Belgrade resembled what I had always imagined Siberia should look like.  To add to this, we were ushered out of the wind into the historic Hotel Moskva, where through a mix-up, I was assigned to a two-story honeymoon suite apartment.  No complaints there!  Beautifully renovated and furnished, with a very Soviet feel, a photoshoot was inevitable.


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