Snapshots of the Balkans!

Slightly unmotivated to retell the entire story of our journey from Pula to Belgrade,  I have simply gathered some photos which convey the general atmosphere.  The sixth-largest Roman-style amphitheater in the world is in Pula.  We saw it, we jumped in it, we ran through the labyrinths under it to catch up with our group, who was basically sprinting around on cobblestone in high heels, which our professor had insisted we wear to an important lecture on the Istrian economy.


These gigantic ceramic jugs, used to transport wine and olive oil, got soggy after the first use and immediately discarded.  Early signs of “disposable” products?


Chillin’ in the freezing cold amphitheater.  Today has been a lesson in spelling the word “amphitheater”.


THIS GUY.  Croatian farmer. We drove into the middle of nowhere for almost an hour, where he and his son met us with their donkey, playing traditional music from an instrument they carried with them, leading us to their charming family restaurant, where they served a meal made entirely with products from their farm.  It was one of the most delicious meals in my memory.


Pictured below:  A prelude to the worst storm Former Yugoslavia has seen in 30 years, which we consequently got stuck in, in a mountain pass, for about 2 hours.


I love these windows.  Love all the squares, all the different sizes all mosaiced together… I’m not entirely sure how they work, but these apartment buildings had the most asymmetrical windows EVER.  I thought it was fantastic, especially with the colorful laundry hanging in every direction.


Today is a beautiful day.  Today, I accomplished two group projects of incredible importance, received an ‘A’ on my Italian presentation, and got a 90% on my Communications midterm.  Today, it is sunny and beautiful, I am done with class for the week, and I am going to Lausanne for the weekend with my roommate Quinn and her friend Brendan.  We are staying with French CouchSurfers and going to my favorite places in Lausanne and possibly going to Zermatt on Sunday to see the legendary Matterhorn, up close and personal.  I am beyond excited.  Photos coming in a few days!!!


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