we were never being boring

I don’t know why it took me so long.  I finally, finally, finally downloaded “Being Boring” by the Pet Shop Boys, possibly my favorite song in existence.  I would place it as the same level as Jacques Lucont’s Thin White Duke Remix of “Mr Brightside” by The Killers and the Ferry Corsten Club Remix of  “Human” (also by The Killers), my previous all-time favorites – anyone who knows what I listen to knows that this is saying a lot.  It’s absolute brilliance, in my opinion – full of a sort of nostalgic inspiration to not be boring, seize the day, follow your heart, chase your dreams, and live while you have the chance.

Not all of these things are possible when attending college full-time, but I can dream and plan ambitiously.  Yesterday I finished a research paper that had been giving me a hard time for a while, on the ever-so-well-known topic of Serbian Modern Painting.  While in Belgrade I happened to attend a lecture by the world’s expert on the subject, but when I recounted my on-site findings to my professor, she informed me that I was incorrect.  How she expected me to then located the “true” information, I had no idea, and compiled a rather far-fetched piece of writing full of flowery descriptions and snarky undertones about the hopelessness of the research topic.  To give you an idea, I titled it “Chronicles of Modernity.”  Hahaha.  At least it’s done.

In the aftermath of the aforementioned essay, last night was not a particularly active one.  I went on a domestic streak for a few hours and cleaned the floors creatively, as we had no vacuum or mop, washed some towels, made spinach and broccoli fried rice (with hot pepper flakes in it – guess who’s influencing my cooking), and baked apples in cinnamon and vanilla.  Delicious!  When my roommates came home, we sang songs and made calzones (sort of, more like cheesy olive bread) and cookie dough, and I messed around in photoshop for a while, producing the image below.


I have to write another research paper, essentially, today.  Glorious.  Also, Kyle left Paris on Thursday for a solo trip around Norway, Sweden and England, and in a moment of procrastination, I made him this:

Too bad Iceland exploded.  Last I heard from him, he was stranded in Romania.  Nothing spices things up like a little spontaneity, I suppose!

Haha, on that note, a quote from last night.  Kayla was upset about something, and the conversation went as follows:

Me:  Everything’s going to be okay!!  Believe me, even when it seems like the world is exploding around you-

Kayla: BUT IT IS!!!! Look at Iceland!!!

Haha, I guess she’s right.


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