More summer dreams, and love for Right Now

Lugano is paradise.  Sure, I have tons of work to do, but it’s 80 degrees outside and gloriously sunny!  The past two days have been spent, while not at class, basking in the warmth of our lawn, climbing mountains, and taking leisurely wanderings in the gleam of the setting sun.  It’s intensely beautiful out – the initial pink and blossoms have given way to fresh, bright green that has swept over the entire landscape, accented with incredibly fragrant flowers that smell like heaven (lilacs, anyone?).  While Lugano can be frustrating at other times of the year, this is an amazing time to be here.  I am delighted.

However, since I have not been taking pictures, I will instead describe my delight at my incoming departure to the Land of the Midnight Sun (there are two of those, actually, but I guess I technically mean a state).   I miss regular contact with water, and most look forward to doing this:


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