Birthday Surprise!

Yesterday, after a day of classes, I laying on our extra mattress in the living room, highlighting boring Communications readings.  Quinn sat at her computer, typing frantically, while Kayla slaved away in the kitchen with cookie dough while brownies baked in the oven.  While this was going on, someone knocked loudly on our door.  “Why are they knocking?” we asked each other, as our entire residence is known for its open-door policy.  “COME IN!!!!”  we shouted repeatedly.  The person continued to ring the doorbell and knock, until finally the door opened, and in walked this one:

Even with a lot of prior mental preparation, it usually takes me a while, upon reunion, to process that Kyle does, actually, exist.  Take this factor and put it in a surprise setting, and I was absolutely stunned for a good four hours or so, along with my roommates.  My planning-oriented female brain got thrown in reverse, every concept of my following week totally exploded.  Plan and re-plan!  Initial shock worn off, all I’m really saying is, KYLE CAME EARLY TO SURPRISE ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!  YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D  Kayla’s baked deliciousness came at a perfect time.  Our house has turned into a center for festivities, it would seem!  Therefore, I am now awake at 6 AM.  Finals, incoming!

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