Swiss Thai Food & Fatty Bear Cupcakes

Not only was Friday our last day of college classes, but the eve of by birthday!  A bunch of friends and I went downtown to get Thai food, which as overpriced as it was, was absolutely delicious.  Homeboy (my name for Kyle # 2, to minimize confusion) recently got back from his Mormon mission in Thailand, and speaks Thai, Laotian and Burmese… he had befriended the Thai staff and customers, and arranged for all 11 of us to squeeze into the tiny to-go restaurant and eat mango sticky rice.  Pretty awesome!

Chilling in downtown Lugano.

Homeboy helping out behind the counter.

I’m allergic to mangos, so I ate this instead.  DELICIOUS!

The lovely ladies of Panera Four were there, of course.

And Kyle was there!! I was exhausted but happy.

Kate and Hannah came as well, wearing stylishly ripped tights and bright colors.

Quinn and Brendan!

Homeboy tells the story of how he obtained a hot pink do-rag at age 13, to take revenge upon his parents for refusing to buy a set of swords.  Ryan McCarthy, the Internationalist and Visionary, listens.

After Thai food, we wandered a bit downtown and came back to Panera.  Kyle and I listened to music in the kitchen and I finished making cupcakes, based on the actual recipe used in the computer game “Fatty Bear’s Birthday Party” from the early 1990s.

Then we decorated them… artistic liberties taken!  Who decorated which?  I’m sure you can guess!

Around midnight, Emma Nica (my Alaskan neighbor) joined us, then a bunch of other people… and suddenly I was a year older!  The beginnings of an epic birthday!


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