On the Sudden Absence of Stress

Finals Week, Day One

Well, here we are.  I have completed my Communications and Human Geography exams.  All I have left is Italian, a ridiculously easy subject for me which merits little, if any, studying.  I now sit at my desk, surrounded by a chaotic explosion of paper and stacks of books – basically, everything covering Quinn in my artistic representation of finals week.  There will be no more school-related stress… so what happens now?  I listen to the Pet Shop Boys and eat pasta out of the strainer?  I stealthily tape plastic teeth to my neighbors’ door (more on that later) and wear a headlamp indoors? Yes, schoolwork-free life, in all of its hour and a half, has proved to be just that awesome.  I still have a to-do list, but it now reminds me to carry 30 pounds of ski gear a mile and a half in the pouring rain, spend copious amounts of money on the storage of kitchen utensils, and renounce my Swiss residency permit and socialized healthcare.  Arrival in America, incoming!  Time to get packing!


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