Caffeine Withdrawal & Sixty-Four Muffins

Today, I stopped drinking coffee.  More difficult than expected.  We will see how long this can last – blogging my progress is oddly motivating.

This morning’s Panera Breakfast was a spectacular success.  Our friends at Panera Four had described the event as a potluck, but they themselves managed to contribute sixty-four muffins of various varieties, two gigantic coffee cakes, a heaping plate of French toast, a gallon of maple syrup, cookies, and a neverending supply of hot chocolate with whipped cream.  We were some of the first to arrive, and marveled at the vast amounts of food before us.  Sadly, all three of the Panera Four girls are leaving Switzerland tonight, so it was a wonderful last reunion, and extremely delicious!

In other news, I just realized that instead of taking approximately 5 different flights to get home to the Far North, my mother has booked me on a flight that flies directly over the North Pole.  My entire life just improved, and it was awesome in the first place.  YES for Condor summer flights!


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