The Last Weekend.

Things I look forward to about going home:

1) Friends, family, and household pets.

2) A double bed with 3 pillows.

3) A washing machine and dryer 4 feet from my bedroom door, which I do not have to pay to use.

4) A dishwasher.

5) Being able to leave the balcony door open when I sleep, and only hear windchimes, leaves rustling, and the occasional distant traffic.

6) The midnight sun.

7) Driving a car.

8) Riding a bike.

9) Earning money instead of just spending it.

10) Not having to worry about what and when I will be able to eat.

11) Sufficient closet space.

12) Food with nutritional value.

13)  Reduced linguistic confusion.

14) Grapefruit in the morning!

So, right now I have something resembling laryngitis, and therefore cannot speak.  Let’s hope two things:  firstly, that this condition disappears before I have to explain to a customs officer what I was doing in Eastern Europe, and secondly, that Eyjafjallajokull doesn’t explode more ash until after I’ve left Germany.

And now, photos of the last few days!

Lunch today!  College Fabulous > Health.

Pleather pants discovered in Kayla’s closet!! Hahahaha YES!  Arab style!  And check out how dirty the bottom of my foot is… that says a lot about the cleanliness of our living space at the moment.

A hike I went on a few days ago!  All this rain made for beautiful forest scenery.


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