Glacier Skiing in the Ruth Amphitheater, Denali National Park

Yesterday I had the day off work, and looking out the window at the springtime greenery, expressed my interest in going skiing.  Well, my dad said, let’s head to the airport. We loaded some backcountry gear into the Piper, changed into our ski gear in the parking lot, and off we flew into the sunny sky.

There’s nothing like a small plane to put you right to sleep. When I awoke, we were over Denali (read: Mt. McKinley) National Park, approaching the Ruth Amphitheater.

We jumped out into the slushy snow, where the plane promptly got stuck.  Nearby tourists watched in awe as Devin and I pushed the roaring plane out of the slush.

Off we went, with Denali gleaming in the background.

You may have heard of the brand of camping food called Mountain House.  Well, this is the original Mountain House!  We cruised up to check it out and scope out crevasses in the summer heat, which felt like around 70 in the sun (we were quite overdressed, as my dad had predicted 20 degrees).  Chapstick became useful as impromptu sunscreen.

We decided to venture up the glacier for a sweet ski run.

Behold, my interesting ski form.

In comparison, Devin totally shredded it up.


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