Crow Creek Pass

This morning I awoke to a phone call from one of my current employers, saying that I wasn’t needed today.  Yes!  The sky was crystal clear and the air warm.  My family was going for a hike!  Thrilled about the weather, and happy to have the day free, I donned running shorts and a tank top and packed a large backpack full of heavy things to make it a better workout.  Off we went, to Crow Creek Pass, out of Girdwood – where, unfortunately, the skies had begun to cloud over and a chilly wind had begun to blow.  Crow Creek Pass is a place I associate with lush green valleys and countless blooming wildflowers, but this year’s trip was earlier than usual.  The landscape, therefore, was a little more interesting.  Up we went!

The area around the forest service cabin had turned into a gigantic snowfield.  Luckily, my dad had extra clothing available, as my prediction for the day’s conditions turned out to be totally inaccurate.

Higher up, we found some of the tundra wildflowers that I had remembered from years ago.

We stopped for a picnic, shivering among the rocks and melting snow, then headed back down, glasading through the slippery places. The sun came back out at the end, kind of!  “If you can see your shadow at all, it’s sunny,” said Devin, which I believe is a fairly Alaskan outlook on the outdoors.  A bit chillier than we expected, but it was an excellent day.


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