You Don’t Have A Clue

It took only one day in Norway.  My inspiration has returned.  One day in Narvik, waking up in “my” old room, feeling the warmth of the heated bathroom floor under my toes and listening to the melodies of Scandinavian chatter upstairs.  Meeting Natasha in the city and walking through the grocery store like so many times before, trying her incredible camera, hearing her stories of life as a media student, feeling her creativity spilling from her words, sipping Narvik water in her father’s incredible apartment filled with soft wood and golden light.  Listening to Röyksopp’s You Don’t Have A Clue on repeat while wandering those forested trails I know by heart, revisiting my previous life in this parallel universe, feeling the heart of the music resonating with that feeling only the far North invokes.  Meeting Nina for a walk to the seaside, listening to her fast Norwegian, trying to vividly describe the entirety of a year’s events in the golden sunlight of the late evening.  Watching sailboats pass the red boathouses in the beautiful quietness, talking of visualisering and det å tenke positiv.  Kreativitet, inspirasjon. Tomorrow, we go to Lofoten, the Most Beautiful Place On Earth.  Here are some photos from last year’s trip, with some of the best people I know.

Where the Sun Never Sets

Jeg vet jeg sa at jeg skulle bare skrive på fransk nå, men nå lever jeg i øyeblikket.  Fransk kan vente litt.  Jeg har jo et helt år.


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