Hiking in Zermatt // The Relieved Return Home

At last, pictures from our Switzerland trip have arrived!   Fresh off the plane from kayaking in Lofoten, my family and I took the train to Grächen, Switzerland and hiked (slowly, but surely) to Zermatt.  It was amazing – most of the time we didn’t see anyone else at all, except for at night in the mountain huts.  Every now and then we would come across herds of goats, curiously colored precisely half black and half white (divided such right down the middle).  I called them half-and-half goats, and even when we questioned the locals, they smiled mysteriously and simply said “Goats of the area, yes.”  (Talk about vague).  Collars jingling cheerily, the goats would approach us and lick the salt off our bare legs, much to our amusement.  Here are some pictures of the hiking, on the days when we were fortunate enough to have good weather.

For a little more of a current update, I am finally home, and very relieved to be here.  It’s beautiful outside, the leaves just starting to show a yellowish tinge, the air getting cold at night.  My mom’s garden is producing enormous flowers, fresh broccoli and raspberries, and the cranberries will be ready for picking soon.  So far, I’ve been to exhausted to do anything more than lay on the couch and pet my cats, but hopefully after a few days I’ll have recovered.  Today has been calm, but good – I realized this morning that if I simply bake peaches, all the “allergy” disappears and I can eat as many as I like! (I knew this, but had never really taken the time to actually cook fruit just so I could eat it.  Now the possibilities seem endless.) I also stopped by the local Great Harvest bakery, where anyone who visits gets a free bread sample, and was lucky enough to get not only a giant slice of one of their famous cinnamon rolls, but a slice that consisted of only the warm, sticky center.  Amazing!  Tomorrow, it’s back to work at the dental office, followed by dinner at my favorite restaurant and the opening of an art show in the museum, in which I have a photograph!  I can’t wait.  And then Kyle arrives!  Despite all changes in original plans, everything seems to be coming together perfectly.  (And soon enough, termination dust will sweep the Chugach, this year’s showing of TGR will play in 3D, and ski season will finally begin.  I am beside myself with excitement.)


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