Beginnings of Fall

It’s a groggy morning in my household.  My entire left arm is throbbing with intense pain after my surgery yesterday, during which a skilled plastic surgeon sliced off my old mole-removal scar, cutting an even bigger piece of skin just to make sure they got it all.  Fortunately, since she’s a plastic surgeon my arm already looks better, visually, than it did before.  And I am now 100% cancer-risk-free!  This is great, but now I can’t start ski training until the beginning of October.  (Maybe I should stop wishing for the earliest snowfall possible…)  Anyway, it has been a very busy past couple of days!

On Saturday, I wanted to go for a hike.  I asked Devin if he wanted to go, to which I got a “uhmmmmm… not really.”  I proceeded to look out the window, check the weather report, and comment on the forecasted 60-mph winds and pouring rain.  “Actually, maybe I will go,” said Devin.  Off we went, into howling winds featuring walls of horizontal freezing rain… and it was fun! Nothing like some good old Alaskan adventure and some nice rosy windburn.

That night, Kyle moved to Anchorage!  We left the next morning for a weekend at the cabin with my family, admiring the early autumn colors and picking as many cranberries as we could from the island’s forest.

And then we went to Lost Lake.  It was stunning.


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