Oslokos hos Natasha!

I had such a wonderful time in Oslo with Natasha.  It was so funny thinking back to the days when we were 17 and would watch movies and eat unbelievable amounts of candy purchased with her dad’s store credit, shop for clothes at H&M, go out to the local nightclub… these days, we spent hours preparing healthy dinners and salad purchased as cheaply as possible, talking about inner peace and how frustrating it is when people don’t keep the kitchen clean.  We did go shopping, but dreamed this time of someday owning pretty plates and couches and kitchen appliances.  Signs that we’re getting older, perhaps?

(This particular dressing room, though, was too colorful to avoid).

And I must say, that banana bread was really, really good.


One thought on “Oslokos hos Natasha!

  1. hahahahah! har tenkt så mye på den tiden når vi va 17 i det siste allså:)
    Og det du skriver er so true so true. <3
    stakkars pappas kreditt på coop.

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