It Gets Colder

The feeling of September has arrived in an explosion of color, sunlight and cold, crisp air.  The smell of high-bush cranberries lingers in the air, the leaves turning to brilliant shades of gold and crimson.  Sunsets begin to take on a wintery glow, painting the sky in pastel pinks and purples.  I only want to be outside.  I listen to old songs that bring back the most vivid memories of this season, melancholy and nostalgic and beautiful, and watch the landscape make its way towards winter.

The past few days have been gloriously sunny and generally incredible.  On Saturday, Kyle and I hiked Crow Creek with my family, then camped for a night by a glacial lake while they returned to town.  We made delicious pasta, hiked off-trail to the tops of surrounding hills, plunged into the lake, and when it got cold, huddled in down sleeping bags and played Historic Boulder (Colorado) card games in the tent.  Later, the stars came out, the moon nowhere in sight.  Venus actually reflected on the lake and lit up the landscape like the moon.  Words can’t describe.

On Monday I met up with Julia, my long-lost childhood friend.  We’ve known each other since we were four, and have both, for wildly different reasons, both moved home at exactly the same time!  Suddenly reunited, it was wonderful to wander the Coastal Trail, catching up in the warm afternoon sun.  I’m so glad she’s home, and not where she was.  I’m glad I’m home, too.  Towards peace and health we strive!  (I just hope that I haven’t ripped any stitches out during the two separate occasions I’ve run up mountains in the past two days).

All is going well.  Kyle found a great place to live, and already has two jobs, which is impressive.  It’s legal to change to snow tires in 2 days.  I got my work schedule down to 3 days a week, and get my stitches out tomorrow.  Our freezer is full of cranberries.  Gina made homemade beer battered halibut last night.  The weather forecast is flawless.  Adventure is on the horizon.


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