An Alaskan Birthday!

Kyle turned 21 yesterday!  We started off the day by waking up in a tent in my backyard, pitched kid-style: about 4 inches away from the house.  The day got off to a great start when, following an extremely frustrating encounter with FedEx, Kyle realized that he had miraculously received a free pair of extremely expensive ski pants in the mail.  Amazing!  We then went to a farmer’s market with Gina (an odd thing for late-September Alaska), which ended up being the smallest farmer’s market we’d ever seen.  As snow fell on the mountains in the background, two vendors had set up their stands in a rainy parking lot.

Given the nature of the birthday, we had lunch at Midnight Sun Brewing Company, a place I wasn’t aware existed until we pulled into the parking lot.  Apparently it’s Anchorage’s oldest brewery, and both the food and beer were delicious.  Hot soup always tastes better when you know it’s raining outside.

After a few hours of sculpting various things out of clay at Gina’s studio (actually just Kyle, I fell asleep), we headed to Simon and Seafort’s, one of Alaska’s first nice restaurants, for dinner.  After a round of appetizers such as sweet potato fries, fresh oysters, macadamia brie, calamari and artichoke crab dip, we had no choice but to order what has been voted the best entree in Anchorage for two years in a row:  Fresh halibut stuffed with crab and macadamia nuts.  It was beyond heavenly.

We returned home for cake and presents!  The gift theme was “winter survival”, and included necessary items such as an ice scraper, hand creme, hand and foot warmers, a National Geographic handbook on survival, and a sled.  And of course, there could be no other cake than the North Douglas Chocolate Cake.  With extra dark frosting.


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