Autumn Wonderland & Housewarming Parties!

The forest near where I live is truly spectacular this time of year… but only for a couple more days!  The seasons are changing rapidly.  I don’t know where time goes – the days have been just flying by.

Neon Golden

This weekend was action-packed.  On Saturday, I attended an opening party for the new Core Pilates studio in South Anchorage, with my mom and Kyle.  Who knew a Pilates party would be so much fun?  The food was amazing.  Gorgonzola drenched in honey, fresh shrimp in thai chili sauce, walnut pear pastry baked brie, thai spring rolls, fresh goat cheese, beer, wine, designer cupcakes… as my mom said, we could just as well have eaten dinner there!  Not to mention the studio itself was unbelievably nice for Anchorage… spacious, bright, with high ceilings and mostly glass walls.  However, we had other plans for the evening.  A CouchSurfing meeting in midtown had a surprisingly large number of people there, although not that many of them had actually CouchSurfed, interestingly.  From there it was off to this year’s Reel Rock festival at Bear Tooth, a collection of short films on rock climbing.  Man, there are some crazy people out there.  Check out this guy.  So intense!

On Sunday we (Devin, Kyle and I) ventured into the mountains in search of snow, but more on that later.  Wednesday was Kyle’s housewarming party, to which I really should have brought my camera.  An absolutely magnificent meal was prepared, mostly by Kyle, but I helped a little bit.  Roasted butternut squash with crimini and porcini mushroom risotto, potato pave, kale chips, gorgonzola with agave nectar, and chocolate-pear upside-down cake… it was a feast!  My mom even brought champagne.  The food was amazing, and everyone got to see Kyle’s new house, which is unbelievably nice.  We also finished watching The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which is among the strangest movies I’ve ever seen, but weirdly more worthwhile than a lot of films due to its originality.  All in all, a wonderful evening!

Today Julia and I tried out a Pilates class.  I had always been rather skeptical towards Pilates, due to its trendy status and the fact that people doing it, don’t really look like they’re doing anything.  Well, I was certainly wrong.  An hour of doing useless-looking exercises was exhausting! Who knows if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow?  So, I have been proved wrong.  Pilates is, in fact, quite the workout.  I had dinner with my mom at Firetap afterwards, which was incredibly busy, and much different than I’d expected (the food was delicious). I wish that restaurants wouldn’t paint their walls blue, though.

Epic weekend incoming!  I have been called in as an extra in Drew Barrymore’s film Everybody Loves Whales on Saturday, which is cool, but I don’t know if I’d rather just go sledding in Arctic Valley.  We will see.


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