Dreams Become Reality

For years I’ve thought, man, wouldn’t it be cool to someday have my own photography business?  A real website, logo, license, name and everything?  Well, my dear readers, it dawned on me earlier this fall that this was probably one of the best time periods I was ever going to have to transform these dreams into reality.  After weeks of work in front of my laptop, a couple hundred dollars, and some forms sent in to the State of Alaska, I have suddenly become a business owner!  Acacia Rose Photography & Design is now up and running – check it out at http://www.acaciarosephotography.com!  Squarespace is an awesome program I’ve found that really makes web design a lot easier than it otherwise would be.

After a few weeks of general inactivity in the business department, things are starting to take shape!  Last Wednesday, I had a senior portrait photoshoot with the lovely Ms. Emerald, a senior at Steller Secondary School here in Anchorage.  What a success it was!  There were so many fantastic photos that I had to keep myself from getting carried away in the editing department.  In addition, I’m designing a poster for the Halloween Candy Buyback at the dental office, collecting photos for a calendar and a patient slideshow.  Finally, creative work!  Hopefully I find some other seniors to photograph this year – I absolutely love it.

I haven’t been very good at updating recently, but things are exciting as usual!  I just got one of 12 places in the Self Portraits Project, a global workshop that is only making one stop in the US, and it happens to be here.  I can’t wait!



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