Becoming a Bird: Self Portrait Workshop

Today was the first day of the Self Portraits Project, an international art workshop that is only making one stop in the United States, and that stop is in Anchorage, Alaska.  With room for only 12 artists, I was lucky enough to have my (brilliantly artistic) grandfather put my name down when someone else dropped out, and by today I was attending the first class at the MTS Gallery.  After an hour or so of slideshows and presentations by the Argentinian leader, Alicia, we set about with our work.  With no functioning computer (by functioning I refer to Photoshop capabilities), I found myself staring aimlessly at mediocre photos other people had taken of me, old self-portraits from high school… nothing was looking promising.

I had, however, been thinking of trying to paint my body for an artistic effect, so off I went with my grandfather to Michaels, getting some washable, non-toxic paint and a bag of feathers.  A fellow classmate helped me apply black paint, and my grandfather took the pictures for me – here is the result of day one.

The instructor was delighted, and wrote “Pajaro” next to my name on the email list (haha).  My whole family roared with laughter when I arrived at a family dinner, my face still stained chalky grey from the paint.  I’m pleased with day one, excited to see how this will evolve from here.  Our final prints will be exhibited in Serbia, Canada, Sweden, Argentina, Spain, Brazil… I’m so excited!  White paint tomorrow?


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