“That’s very National Geographic”

The photo workshop continues.  My two portraits have turned into quite a dilemma – how to blend them, how they relate to each other, if one wasn’t just enough?  Hours of attempts at blending the two images were to no use – it simply didn’t work. So here you have it, “Wilderness“, because we’re all just part of nature, really, no matter how hard we pretend not to be.  (Though I must say that statement feels incredibly ironic as I sit here in Photoshop on a shiny Macbook).  The more primal, striking image, despite slight scariness, is the winner.  Someone told me it was very National Geographic, others joked that I must be trying to find a date.  Here it is!


The last few days have been mostly work, whether at the dental office, with senior portraits, a poster I was designing, and now this workshop.  However, Kyle is making a beer dinner tonight – a different kind of specialty beer for each course!  Cheese, chocolate and orange chicken are on the menu… I’m hungry just thinking about it.


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