A Family Emergency

Man, what a scary couple of days.  As much as I had intended to continue documenting the rest of the Self Portraits Project workshop, all ideas of how the week would progress were totally out the window when I learned that my grandfather, who had helped me with my portraits just days before, was in the hospital having emergency brain surgery after having several seizures that morning.  Seeing as my grandpa is one of the healthiest, toughest 79-year-olds I know of, this was a shock to everyone.  We were at the hospital late into the night when, just hours after his first surgery, he was rushed in for a second one, and on Saturday night, for a third.  Amazingly, even with a plate of his skull missing, he still seems to be making a lot of sense when he talks, and amazingly, joking. This, I’ve been told, makes life difficult for nurses trying to figure out how clear he’s thinking when, for example, he tells them his name is “Weird Halibut” (his artist name, but how would they know?) and names the date precisely as January 11th, 1982.  It’s been an exhausting few days full of worry and numerous trips to the hospital, but as far as I know, things seem to be improving.  My aunt Jean flew back into town yesterday and numerous family friends I didn’t even know we had are appearing out of the blue.  We’re all hoping for a fast recovery!


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