The Wonders of Kachemak Bay

Winter has arrived in Anchorage.  I rolled out of bed this morning to an unpleasant phone call from a local high school secretary, informing me that the posters that I did not post were not approved by the school district, and were therefore not allowed.  She didn’t seem to care that I had not, in fact, even been inside the school for well over a year.  Oh well.  The point is that when I stumbled up from this unwelcome awakening, jamming a gap in the blinds with my fingers to peer through,  I discovered that the whole world outside my window had become a winter wonderland.  Thick, fluffy blankets of snow hung heavily on the spruce trees, tiny cat pawprints crisscrossed through the flawlessly white yard.  What would have otherwise been a dreary, dark morning was transformed into a magically luminous landscape.  My all-time favorite season is here, and the ski trails should be open within a few days.

Since most of the snow had melted before I thought to take some pictures, I will entertain you with a series of photos from a family trip I took a few weeks ago to Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge, owned by some close family friends, Mike and Diane.  We flew down to Homer early one morning, met them for a boat ride across the bay, and spent the weekend hanging out in Alaskan seaside paradise.


The view near Homer.  It was a beautiful day.




The boat ride across the bay.


The lodge!


  Kyle, worn out from blueberry picking.


  Some of the very last fall colors were still as vivid as ever.



Something like 70 artists collaborated to create Mike and Diane’s beautiful asian-inspired house in Kachemak Bay.  The energy in there is incredible. 


After an unusually high tide the day before, a low tide the next morning was perfect for tidepooling.  Even though it was cold and most of the sea creatures were retreating to deeper, warmer waters, a few colorful starfish were out and about. 



  Right as we were starting to get hungry, we discovered to our delight that there were blue mussels out and ready to be picked!  Less than half an hour later, several buckets were full and on their way to the kitchen.




We proceeded to picnic on the floor, which was a lot warmer than the actual dining room.


My mom and I went on a hike to Moosehead Point, a beautiful trail which ended up winding along these dramatic cliffs!


Then it was time to go.


Kyle pulling a canoe out of the way.  I like how his pants are, for some reason, purple in this picture.


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