Three-Course Beer Dinner: How could you resist?

Good weekend everyone!  Anchorage is finally covered with enough snow to feel wintery, and it’s put me in a fantastic mood.  I thought I would share, over time, the photographic documentation of Kyle’s extremely fabulous culinary skills, as I unfortunately am not yet very good at cooking.  A few weeks ago, after a brief look at Tastespotting, he  made our whole family a delicious dinner of orange chicken, couscous, cheese, and chocolate – each course served with a different beer! (All 5 of us split each bottle, so no, we did not drink 4 beers each).  The food was so beautiful I couldn’t resist taking pictures.  Below, israeli couscous with cherry tomatoes and zucchini, topped with a crispy zucchini cake.  The spicy orange chicken was served with Rogue Chipotle Ale, and I must say, the flavors were amazing together.

After a year in Switzerland, a mild obsession with cheese can only be perfectly normal.  This dinner’s cheese was good, but it was before we discovered a new specialty cheese shop opening in Anchorage!  For anyone who lives here, it’s called Fromagio’s, and their cheese is about as spectacular as it’s going to get this far north.  Costco’s gorgonzola is pretty awesome too, though.

It’s so wonderful to be surrounded with people who love food and make an effort to make it REALLY GOOD.  Hopefully it will serve as a source of inspiration when I one day find myself relying on my own culinary capabilities.

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