Winter Wonderland Thanksgiving

The weather had been truly, depressingly terrible in Anchorage as Thanksgiving approached.  Pouring rain, don’t-go-outside roads, car accidents galore, no winter fun to be had whatsoever.  Eventually all the ice melted away in the “heat” and I was able to drive down to Girdwood on Wednesday night… you can imagine the joy of waking up the next morning to huge, fluffy snowflakes falling outside the window!  This year’s Thanksgiving began with a Southern breakfast back in Anchorage, consisting of cinnamon rolls, southern style ham, grits casserole, and fruit salad…  and then back to Girdwood to ski at Alyeska and have a huge Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of good friends at their cabin!  Snow fell all night – after dinner I went walking with all the other women through the charm of the small town, rooftops blanketed heavily with snow, bright fireworks crackling and sparkling overhead.  It was magical – and the next morning was a stunning sight.



It was so beautiful, and I was SO excited.  Excited for the weather, excited to ski, excited because I was leaving for Brazil that night.  And so the day progressed – downhill skiing in the morning, then returning home to pack, then a sunset walk, then more packing, followed by cross-country skiing right before the drive to the airport.  Talk about an action-packed last day and a brilliant start to yet another adventure!


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