the last days of brazil 2010

It’s one of those traveling days again.  You know, the one where every flight is delayed by at least and hour because it’s South America, the one where you have nothing to eat and no money, and food vendors only accept cash.  I’m starving!

A spectacular two weeks in Brazil has now drawn to a close.  Although physically I’m feeling a bit beat up (gigantic bruises covering my knees, stomach and arms, blisters that just can’t seem to heal fast enough, etc), I feel more calm, happy and all-around smiley than I have in a long time!  Vitamin D, friendly people, warm weather, hysterical laughter, daily trips to the Casa Holistica for yoga, meditation and Deeksha, amazing food, dancing the night away, close friends, thousands of photographs, fresh air, spectacular scenery.  Ahhh life!!!

We made a point of making our last two days extra awesome.  On Thursday, we did yoga all morning, then had sandwiches, coffee and chocolate croissants for lunch, before heading back to the ranch for some more horseback riding!  Oh, the joy, but ohhhh, the blisters!  We then proceeded to eat the best Arab food of my life back in Pipa, followed by the legendary chocolate chili cake at Guacamole…  somehow, the pleasant temperature at night completely reverses my morning-person tendencies… we weren’t done eating until almost midnight.  Awesome day!

Yesterday, my last day in Brazil, I decided that Natasha and I had to take our last opportunity and learn to surf, taking lessons from the same woman who had read our tarot cards a week or so earlier.  It was SO much fun!  Completely worth the massive bruises and sore muscles, even to stand for a splitsecond before going flying into the sea.  I was super excited the three times that I actually managed to keep my balance on the board, riding it all the way into the shore.  If I lived in a tropical place, surfing would probably be as skiing is to me now.  Play with whatever form of water you have, frozen or otherwise!

After our mandatory yoga class, it was time for the most decadent meal of them all – dinner at the exclusive Tapas, which we had been waiting for two weeks to save for our last day.  Think tiny, expensive portions of some of the most flavorful food you’ve ever had… shrimps with passion fruit and spicy caramel, sesame-crusted seared tuna, sherry-soaked cake with pepper ice cream.  WOW.  And then we decided we were celebrating Natasha’s birthday early so we got the most spectacular gelato I’ve ever tasted, one scoop of dark Belgian orange chocolate and one scoop of intensely flavorful orange coconut.  Absolutely incredible.  Then suddenly it was time to go to the airport, shouting goodbyes repeatedly out of the taxi window, and life became a cycle of falling asleep in random places and waking up again, and I looked out the window and Argentina was stretching infinitely below.


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