please, do not step on the law.

The transition from spending two weeks in a tiny Brazilian village with a half-local, to embarking a cross-country sightseeing venture with an American family is quite dramatic.  A constant cycle of packing and unpacking, taking pictures, going to the airport, eating amazing things, waiting for delayed flights, seeing amazing things, going going going. Good internet connection, no internet connection, too-expensive internet connection.  I love Argentina so far, and my Spanish skills are not actually as bad as I thought!  Yesterday I successfully navigated a printing shop in Spanish (college applications, why else would you do that in Buenos Aires) and had a conversation with a local about the various parks and gardens nearby and what times of day would be best for us to visit them, seeing as we are Alaskan and prone to overheating.  I was so excited to understand!!  And now I want to take Spanish again.  One thing at a time, but someday I will.

More about Argentina later, I have to get going!  Here are some more photos from Brazil, the rest of which can be seen here.

By the way, while out dancing one night in Pipa, someone rode a horse into the nightclub.


50 thoughts on “please, do not step on the law.

  1. Where’s Acacia. Is that a place?

    Acacia is a beautiful fine grained tree that is almost considered native in the Philippines. [It was introduced in the archipelago centuries ago and is said to be native of Africa.] They grow more than 6 feet in diameter at the trunk. They can grow very very old.

    Acacia is a very beautiful tree but for a name of a person…that would be frowned upon in my country. Flowers for names yes but trees for names… u mm…why not.


  2. Wow, I love your photography. Beautiful work. Especially like the macro-shots, and some of you high-exposure color pictures, stunning! Do you use a Canon lens by any chance? Really in-love with your pictures!

  3. You have beautiful photographs!! :D And it sounds like you are having quite the adventure. I am only just slightly jealous. Heehee. Great post… I am gonna go look at other posts of yours now.

  4. I like it ^^ one of my dreams is going to brazil because it’s like my linguage. I’m from portugal so i really want to visit brazil too someday =)

  5. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the comments :)

    For the photo questions – I shoot with a Canon 5D mark ii and, for the most part, use a 35 mm Canon lens (trying to be budget here). Hope this helps!! And these pictures are from Brazil, although the more recent blog posts are from Argentina.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. Wow these are incredible pictures! Good luck on your adventures! Mine have currently taken me to China, but I hope to live in or at least visit South America at some point!

  7. What a carefree, colorful life! Every picture is happiness and vibrancy!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful life, which seems so full of fun and energy. This is exactly how life should be lived!

  8. I’m always telling my clients — never be jealous, it’s a poisonous emotion. And man am I going to be preachin’ to the choir after these amazing memories.

    Continue to live and inspire.

    Best to you and your continued sharing,


  9. this is a good post… this is really amazing… there is a lot to see in latine america… why don’t you pick a visit to a saharian country… sahara is fascination!!!

  10. The photographs are amazing, what is the brand and model of the camera you’ve used?
    Anyway hope you’re enjoying your time there, you’ve made it seem like a MUST to visit

  11. Enjoyed the great camera work, photos are amazing. Congrats and also you got a beautiful name which is also found in the Bible, be proud of it one of the finest !!

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