Visits to Isolated British Colonies

After the long ocean crossing from Tierra del Fuego, we decided to make the most of our location and refuel the ship in Stanley, the only real town of the Falkland Islands.  An odd collection of brightly-colored buildings in what can only be described as the ultimate Middle of Nowhere, Stanley remains a very British town, built largely out of old shipwrecks (according to our guide, the Sea King).  Together with 2,000 passengers from a gigantic cruise ship, we set out into the rainy streets to wander a variety of penguin-themed gift shops and witness a local horse race at Stanley’s racetrack, which only happens twice a year!  What luck.  I had never seen a horse race before.

Otherwise, though, Stanley struck me as a rather grim place to live.  Yes, there were flowers in bloom and a bit of green vegetation, but it was still grey and cold, and it was the heat of summer.  The whole town had a very, very British feel, from the architecture to the street signs, and a ship lay wrecked right offshore.  It was surreal, and interesting, but I was glad to board the zodiac back to the ship.  Next stop: South Georgia.



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