Adventure Is On The Horizon. Again.

Greetings from Alaska, faithful readers.  The Antarctic Saga is officially finished.  Back to real life, and an abbreviated version of the events that have transpired in the meantime!

First, I went to the Dominican Republic, as many of you may be aware.  I visited Reid and we went white-water rafting and went to concerts and generally had an awesome time.  I then returned to the frozen north and began working both as a cross-country ski coach for young children and a restaurant hostess and a portrait photographer, simultaneously.  I cross-country skied every single day in the stunning nature of wintertime Alaska, got back in shape, and completed the oh-so-intense application to Rhode Island School of Design.  Then, deciding that there was never a better time than now to make my life as adventurous as possible while simultaneously emptying every penny of my bank account, I enrolled in a NOLS course.

What is NOLS, you ask?  The magic of Wikipedia brings you this summary:  The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), is a non-profit outdoor education school based in the United States dedicated to teaching environmental ethics, technical outdoor skills, safety and judgment, and leadership on extended wilderness expeditions. The NOLS mission is to be the leading source and teacher of wilderness skills and leadership that serve people and the environment. NOLS runs courses on five continents, and has courses for almost all wilderness environments and for almost any age group. Skills taught on NOLS courses include backpacking, canoeing, whitewater kayaking, caving, rock climbing,fly fishing, horse-packing, sea kayaking, mountaineering, rafting, sailing, skiing, and snowboarding.

Ladies and gentlemen, I now bring you my latest epic plan.  In less than two weeks, I shall depart for northern India, to spend a month and a half on a mountaineering expedition in the vast Himalaya with a group of likeminded young people.  Need I say more?  AWESOME.

Since then, I stupidly injured my leg by trying to do too much, had to drop out of the Sven halfway, and didn’t get to do the Tour, dooming me to weeks spent indoors while the sun shone nonstop on the sparkling peaks outside my window.  However, I healed in time to participate in the Running of the Reindeer and am now ready to go (and ready to spent my entire summer working nonstop to pay for this).



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