Beginnings of Summer at RISD

Moving to the East Coast was not something I had really been planning on doing.  When I thought of the next three years of my life, I envisioned arctic Norway, coastal Canada or something close to the incredible national parks of the West Coast – basically, epic nature.  A week and a half ago, however, I moved to Rhode Island, temporarily putting adventure on hold for one of the best creative educations in the country.  And guess what – it’s pretty nice here, and were there to be accessible nature, I wouldn’t have time for it anyway.  Here’s a photographic summary of the past week or so.

I arrived in Providence with my parents and spent a day or so walking around, checking out RISD’s campus, admiring beautiful old buildings and eating potentially the best Italian meal of my life.

Downtown Providence, as viewed from a distance.


Part of RISD’s campus. Wow.

   The day after we arrived, I met my roommate – Charlotte, also a Photography major, from L.A.  We began the laborious process of moving in and purchasing all the random things one needs to comfortably live in a pretty barren dorm room (lights, pillowcases, storage drawers…).  It was quite the endeavor.  I might add that I now live on the 5th floor of an 11-story apartment building in the middle of a city, and am not even allowed to take the stairs should I wish to do so.  It’s weird, but I’m getting used to it.


A few shots of our room looking uninteresting and bland upon arrival.  It looks much better now. 

  That evening, our parents left and we began getting to know the other transfer students and graduate students who are here for the summer foundation studies program.  Saturday began with a relaxing day at what RISD calls “The Farm”, but is actually a beach that the school owns.  In the evening, Charlotte and I ventured into the city with our friend Brooklyn, DSLRs slung over our shoulders, to see the pride parade going on downtown.  Then we explored a tunnel and ate crepes… little did we know how rare these fun social outings would soon become.

At 8:30 AM on Monday, classes started, and life became devoted to schoolwork. Seven hours of each day are now spent in intensive courses in drawing, spatial dynamics, and design… and the workload, especially homework, is colossal. An appropriate motto at my last school was “Work hard, play hard, sleep when you can”, but here “play hard” can easily be replaced by “work harder”. For example, last night was Friday night. I was out until 11 PM and had indeed spent some time listening to club music, but where was I? In the studio, slaving away over a 3’x4′ drawing of a dried squid. Yes… I am sorry to say that during the next 5 weeks or so, my updates won’t be able to be as frequent as they have been in the past. Already at a disadvantage due to my insistence on daily exercise, I’ve got to get to work!

Some sketches from drawing class.


2 thoughts on “Beginnings of Summer at RISD

  1. I would love to hear more about your time at RISD, I am a High School Student but I am very interested in maybe attending RISD for University… Are you studying on a BA level? Good luck !

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