Hey South Sister

Climbing South Sister Peak near Bend, Oregon. A late start made for the most amazing low-angle light as we glissaded back down the mountain’s snowfields, and filled the sky with brilliant shades of dusk as we descended back into the forests.


87 thoughts on “Hey South Sister

  1. It looks such a lovely place. Since I am Asian and experiences tropical weather all-year round I find the cold weather and the outfits that go with it really nice :)

  2. Acacia, great photos…I feel like I was right there with you….I am close I am in Washington State. I am going to check out your Flckr photos.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

    Mr Bricks

  3. Gorgeous photos! I’m a novice photographer working with an ancient camera. I shoot in the desert a lot, including landscapes, and am looking into some new equipment. Mind telling me what camera you’re using? Any tips? Thanks…I look forward to following:)

  4. Amazing photos!

    Were you there solely to climb South Sister Peak? Oregon is 1 of 5 states I haven’t visited, but I’d like to change that this year. Now that I live in California, it should be a little more accessible.


  5. We’ve considered moving out of state . . . but it’s the mountains and oceanside that keep us put here in the Portland vicinity. Gorgeous photos!!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. You have some really amazing photos! I originally grew up out west and I am missing snow-capped mountains terribly. My hubby and I just got married and are thinking of going hiking and camping for 2 weeks somewhere in the U.S. Any recommendations??

  7. Totally jealous, I’ve wanted to live in Alaska my whole life. I love snow, cold weather and mountains…and those pictures above > are what ‘perfection’ looks like to me :) AWESOME. Lucky person!

  8. Nice seeing some pictures from Bend! I did that hike last year, it’s crazy to see how much snow is still up there this late in the year! When I went there was not nearly as much!

  9. Wonderful photos! Mnay moons ago I hiked and overnighted in this area. What a wonderful place. I still dream about waking up after a severe thunderstorm near treeline and seeing a bright full moon light up the peaks. It was breathtaking.

  10. Hi, can I know what camera are you using. I love the photos you took. I’m using Lumix FX75 which is supposedly a not too bad camera. But the pictures are not sharp and not blur either. They tend to break. I know nuts about camera but is it because of the aperture setting?

  11. Just moved to North Dakota from Oregon…missing those mountains. Thank you for posting this wonderful taste of beautiful Home Sweet Home! Made my day :)

  12. marvelous sight and photos :x
    I love them! when I read this post, I was listening to ” Hey Soul Sister ” lol

  13. haha! I leave for Acadia NP (Maine) tomorrow. Only snow covered in Jan/Feb/Mar. Oh well BUT there will be Hurricane Irene to watch as the waves crash ashore.

  14. That is just stunning. I admire your devotion. I’d have made it a few metres before having an attack of the vapours needing a large gin and tonic to revive! Congrats on FP

  15. I am always awed by the talent of those who are chosen for FP. This is a great example with beautiful pictures with a great story. Thank you for sharing. I can only hope that one day, my own individual poetry writing and posting on a WordPress blog will bring such observations and remarks of enjoyment by others. Till then, I will work hard in perfecting my hobby craft of twenty years.

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