Late Summer in the Last Frontier

Staring listlessly at the strange emptiness of my new New England apartment, it is time to embark on a mental escape from the eastern heat to tell of the last weeks’ adventures.  Yes, I have returned to Rhode Island to finally begin studying photography full-time at RISD.  It’s been a chaotic past two days of travel, heat, meeting up with old friends and beginning what I expect will be a long process of settling into the first “real” apartment I’ve ever lived in.  However, before I jump into life in the East, some summer stories must be told.  To sum it up, Zach visited me in Alaska for two weeks, which I made every effort to pack as full with activity as possible. Our first stop was the cabin to spend a few days doing what I call “chilling hardcore” – reading, making food, picking cranberries, and spending time outside.  It was a beautiful flight in, too.


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