Return to Rhode Island

Alright, it’s time to snap back to reality.  It is no longer summer, I am no longer in Alaska, and I am no longer embarking on rugged treks through the northern wilderness.  Two weeks ago I landed in Providence, Rhode Island, home to my studies for the next three years – studies finally concentrated in my subject of choice.  Four of my five classes are photography-specific, and constant photoshoots take on a more serious air than the just-for-fun efforts of the past.  It is time to sit down and get really, really good at the one thing I like doing most, with high hopes of someday making a successful career out of it.  Naturally, RISD has hit full-force with its infamous workloads, and time to do anything but schoolwork has been scarce.

To summarize, though, upon arriving Providence I immediately moved into the first non-dorm apartment of my life.  My roommate Jessica and I share the third floor of an ancient building featuring hardwood floors, somewhat high ceilings, sunny windows, and blotchy white walls. (And this summer, an insect infestation.  Lovely.)  While the apartment has its share of problems, including the inconvenience of being a 20-minute walk from campus, I love it so far.  It’s a relief to come home every night to somewhere that isn’t RISD, and despite an extremely limited budget (we still do not own trash cans), we’re doing our best to make it feel homey.  So far, the kitchen is probably my favorite room when sunlight filters through the plants Jessica put in front of the window.  Jessica is a printmaking major from New Hampshire, and has filled our house with the healthy influences of her vegan lifestyle.  So far we’ve been getting along great, and I’m relieved I had the opportunity to pick my roommate instead of being placed at random in a dorm.  I got my funky Craigslist bike fixed up shortly after arriving, too, and can now make it to and from school in approximately six minutes each way.

Despite its inherent stress, school is going great so far.  My classes include Intro to Photography, Histories of Photography, Photography Seminar, Photography Studio, and Art History, which range from tolerable to downright fantastic.  It’s amazing to be surrounded by other incredibly talented students 24/7, and collaborating with friends has been the new form of social life here.  Speaking of which, I now present the results of my first school-related photoshoot!  A big thanks goes out to Charlotte and Bree for their contributions assisting and modeling.


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