A Short Film.

I now write to you speechlessly from inside the splendor of RISD’s Fleet Library, a clear sign that my architecture-related vocabulary is in drastic need of improvement.  Are those giant pillars of marble?  Is the ceiling inlaid with gold?  Are those Gothic-style arches?  While I can answer none of these questions with any certainty whatsoever, I can assure you that it is incredible in here – pictures to come.

My first assignment for my Sophomore Studio class was to “create a presentation about yourself, your interests, your inspirations; things, people, and places you care about.”  Reluctant to assemble a PowerPoint presentation or simply give a speech, I turned to the magic of abstract video and beautiful music.  Using only video I shot myself, and only the limited footage currently on my computer, this is what I was able to produce.  After I presented the film in class last week, my professor made no real comment, but proceeded to go on a 10-minute spiel about National Geographic photographers.  I considered that to be the most epic success.

(music: “Elle Intrigue…” by Sydney Poma, found on Jamendo several years back). 


4 thoughts on “A Short Film.

  1. I can’t wait to view YOUR films here – had dinner with some guy with BBC while Lisa chatted up the Pres of National GEO. Wish you were here! It’s amazing. xoo LAURIE

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