Fashion Modeling 101

The great thing about studying photography with a bunch of other photographers is that you get to collaborate.  I frequently use friends and classmates as models, but had yet to be the serious subject of anyone else’s work – until recently.  Last weekend I was approached by the lovely fashionista Jenna Marsh, who suggested we do a shoot together because, in her words, “You’re all into nature, and I’m, like, the most superficial person ever.”  Oh, how I laughed (and of course, agreed to model).  So it happened that we staged a fashion shoot in downtown Providence at 7 AM one Friday, and I was introduced to the bizarre change of being in front of the camera, not behind it.  Although I do prefer taking pictures to being in them, it was an incredibly fun use of a morning, and Jenna was right – we did get a lot out of working together and combining our ideas.  While I personally find it impossible to take myself seriously, Jenna’s photos were well received at our critique yesterday, and provided some fun material to edit while I plan ideas for my next shoot.

(Photographs, hair, makeup, styling: Jenna Marsh.  Editing: Acacia)


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