A strange, unprecedented change is taking place. This may come as somewhat of a shock, but I am slowly acquiring a growing interest in my own home country. Yes, the United States of America.  After years of being rather unpatriotic, it has finally occurred to me that there is a lot going on here that’s probably worth checking out, and equally worth photographing.  The photography section of RISD’s library certainly has a fascinating array of photo books on every specific area of the country.  I spent about an hour with books about small-town New England, of the vast Southwestern landscapes, rural Appalachia and surreal Midwest. There’s a whole lot of nostalgia going on here; places, unlike Alaska, that have been states for longer than 50 years. I never thought that kind of thing interested me, but suddenly, it does. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than international airfare.

A few weeks ago, before a deep autumn chill started creeping through the windowpanes, Tom, Charlotte and I spent an evening wandering in a circle around part of Providence, cameras in hand.  Everything seemed overwhelmingly foreign at the time, a different planet entirely.


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