What’s For Breakfast?

My creative thoughts have been jumping all over the map recently.  After focusing all my energy on raw, earthy photos using only natural light, I deemed it necessary to go in the complete opposite direction for the next week’s assignment.  I started thinking about artificial lighting, and what would be possible considering we’re actually not allowed to use RISD’s professional lighting equipment until next year (cringe).  Jill Greenberg’s “shiny faces” lighting was on my mind, as well as food, the magic of high shutter speeds, and the flashiness of advertising photography in general – especially its basis on appearance alone, allowing me to skip forming an actual concept.  I just wanted pure fun.

With generous assistance from my brilliant classmate Bree, we were able to construct a makeshift studio in her basement using little more than construction paper, plastic bags, and the terribly mediocre lights available from Media Resources. Et voilà – it ended up being an awesome exercise in making the most of what you have. Perhaps not having access to real lighting equipment for a year will make us more resourceful.


2 thoughts on “What’s For Breakfast?

  1. Hey, Acacia. I’ve been neglecting your blog, mostly because I’m jealous of how awesome you are. lol.
    But these photos are amazing! I love how colorful they are. :D

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