paint your face, please.

The last week has been one of absolute exhaustion and astounding levels of stress focused on the completion of an assignment titled “Collective Portrait”, a series of portraits of everyone in our class. At last, it is nearly finished. Stuck in Providence as we are, I asked everyone to paint themselves with a landscape they feel a connection to.  Nowhere like art school to get this accomplished with enthusiasm!  A huge thanks to my amazing classmates, many of whom really outdid themselves in terms of detail.

Rachel – Walden Pond

Jenna – “So mine is about flowers… and snow… and the universe”

Charlotte – Sunset over the ocean

Tom – Lake in rural New York

Alex – African savannah

Bree – City skyline

Samantha – Ocean

Will – Icelandic tundra (with sheep)

Elliot – Seaside

Ben – Rolling hills with fog

Camille – Ocean

Graham – Forest

Abby – Ocean

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