An Urban Thanksgiving

My memories of Thanksgivings growing up are a blur of cozy, informal dinners either in our dining room in Alaska or at friend’s ski cabin – long evenings gathered around tables of family recipes and Southern influences, lighting the fireplace while snow blanketed the ground in the darkness outside.  This year, however, was the first year the “kids” of the family (meaning Devin and I, and our cousins) met up for an organized Thanksgiving without our parents, definitely a reminder that we’re getting older.  I left Rhode Island on Wednesday and flew to Denver to meet up with Zach, where we were picked up by Elena, who had already picked up Devin and Jordi in Colorado Springs.  Although we stayed in Boulder, Thanksgiving itself was spent at Elena and Jordi’s uncle’s apartment in downtown Denver – and an urban Thanksgiving it was.

The building our feast was based at. Not a log cabin in the woods, but certainly… shiny. And fancy.

Zach trying to look enthusiastic about the neon pink jello we were all so skeptical of. Needless to say, this was before we tasted it.  


The jello looming in front of the Denver skyline.  

Denver at night. 

It was probably the most gourmet Thanksgiving I’ve ever had, mostly thanks to the glorious culinary skills of Chef Elena.  An evening of games, pie, and wine ensued, watching the city lights of Denver sparkling outside the windows.


4 thoughts on “An Urban Thanksgiving

  1. Aaaaaaah my home town! I hope you liked it here. Your brother is going to Colorado College? I’ve heard it’s a great school, I hope he thinks so too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. That close and you didn’t call? Hope your bro is enjoying CC. He looks good but was probably glad to get a meal somewhat cooked by his sis. Hope the rest of your family is doing well. I’m guessing your folks are lonely! I’ll drop them a line!

    Kelly and Laura

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