The Going Gets Good

My dad always says that “what you’re looking for is looking for you,” and in the recent years I have found that statement to be especially true.  I feel like I’m always actively searching for the next grand adventure, and hence, grand adventure tends to come my way now and then.  By this point you’ve probably got an idea where I’m going with this.  Yes, something wonderful has happened, a dream has come true, etc:  Zach and I have both been hired as summer housekeepers at Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge, an upscale wilderness lodge in what is probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet – at the base of Pedersen Glacier in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park, a few hour’s boat ride from the fishing town of Seward.  While essentially cleaning people’s hotel rooms may not be glamorous work, it will provide us a) an entire summer living in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness, b) a summer job in a place where spending one’s earnings is nearly impossible, c) in all likelihood, time spent meeting incredible people, and d) an entire 3.5 months of actually being in the same place.  Think of the photographic opportunity on the occasional day off!  The wildlife!  A new adventure is on the horizon, to function as my light at the end of the tunnel as I head into what will surely be an absolutely brutal semester.  I feel like I have no complaints in life whatsoever… this is going to be a fantastic summer.

All photos from Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge’s website


3 thoughts on “The Going Gets Good

  1. These are some really great photos! The scenery there looks amazing. Is there a time of day that you think taking photos there looks the best (like sunset, sunrise, etc.)? Also, to capture the landscapes so well, what camera settings do you like to use? I personally like manual, but sometimes I like to use aperture priority. Thanks for sharing your photos!


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